Gliding is the cheapest form of airsport - because everyone, from the instructors to the winch driver volunteers there are no salaries to pay, and no engines means no fuel cost! This makes it affordable for students living on a tight budget.

Membership cost

A two month trial membership with OUGC costs £65. After the two months this can be upgraded to a full membership by just paying the £34 difference. Your two month trial starts from the date of your intro day, so if you can’t make any days in the first half of term you don’t loose out.

A year’s membership costs £99. Please note the OUGC membership year runs from the 1st of October to 30th of September.

Membership gets you access to the airfield, all OUGC events and expeditions. It pays for things like rent of the airfield, buildings, hangarage and other facilities.

Flying fees

Flying fees cover the cost of wear and tear on the aircraft and insurance. OUGC members are entitled to ‘cadet’ rates on all Bicester Gliding Centre aircraft.

The cost per minute depends on the aircraft being flown. A full breakdown of costs is available here on the Bicester Gliding Centre website (in the case of discrepancies between the information provided here and on the BGC website please refer to the BGC fees).

Winch launch - £7

K13 - £0.28/minute

K21 - £0.32/minute

K8 - £0.21/minute

Astir (FEF - OUGC owned) - £0.15/minute. Astir (BGC owned) - £0.28/minute.

When training you normally do a set of three winch launches (£7 each), with about 30 mins in the air. The actual teaching time per day will be far higher than this, as each lesson includes a full brief, explaining what is going to be learned, and a debrief, which revises everything to ensure proper understanding.

This comes to around £30 for a day of learning to fly.