Introducing ‘The 1937 Club’

The 1937 Club offers membership to all alumni of OUGC. It aims to reconnect the OUGC alumni with other alumni, friends, and the current members. This will help to support OUGC financially, supporting us in our current campaign to re-gel our gliders and purchase them new trailers. The club also aims to better integrate the community of past and present OUGC members and support a thriving gliding community.


Given the diverse structure of the club our alumni find themselves in a variety of different circumstances after leaving university. As such, the club welcomes donations of any amounts and any donor automatically becomes a Friend of The 1937 Club, receiving E news and an invite to our annual dinner.  

An ‘Associate’ member is promised to have happy memories brought back to them by receiving Club’s memorabilia yearly, as well as E News and an invite to our annual dinner. Members become eligible for this by donating £5/month (£60/year) or more.

High Flyer’ members are invited to our Expeditions, an Alumni Flying day, and a free seat at one of our special events (such as the Presidents’ Dinner or Annual Dinner), as well as regular E news. This is awarded as an acknowledgement of the contribution of £19.37/month (£232/year) or more.

A ‘1937 Patron’ can expect to be given access to free soaring on the gliders owned by OUGC, public recognition on the Club’s website and social media, and the option to have a trophy named in their honour. Patronage is awarded for exceptional service to OUGC, either from donations (£1937 in a year or more) or other assistance.

Play your part

If you would like to join the 1937 Club and support the OUGC please first fill out the 1937 membership application form below. Please then donate by using the University’s secure platform here.

The University’s platform is gift-aid registered, making us eligible to receive an extra 25% on all donations from UK taxpayers. They are also registered as a charitable cause in other countries such as the US, making any donations tax-deductible.

We recommend registering as a 1937 club member now, as this will allow you to reap the benefits of the membership immediately. If you choose to only donate and not register here it may take up to three months for us to receive your details from the central university, during which time we will be unable to provide you the benefits of your 1937 club membership as you will not be registered with us.

If you have any queries, require clarification or just strive to reconnect with the club socially, do not hesitate to contact us straight away.

1937 club sign-up form

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For further information please contact

Peter Belcak
OUGC Alumni & Development Officer
St Hilda’s College