Membership benefits

By joining OUGC you become a member of Windrushers Gliding Club at Bicester Airfield for one year (1st October- 30th September), and enjoy cadet flying fees (see costs).

OUGC members can fly gliders from both the club fleet and the Windrushers fleet. Instruction is free - you will be taught how to fly until you reach solo standard (and after that too). Membership entitles you to come on our expeditions, ran between terms. Once qualified, OUGC members can fly the club's Grob Astir, FEF, for only £0.15 per minute.

Members also enjoy discounted entry to our socials throughout the year.

How to join

  1. Fill out the membership form found here.

  2. Email this to Daisy (

  3. Book a slot on an intro day (where we show you how to get to the airfield, give you a safety brief and you start your flight training). Intro days are only available during term. Email Daisy ( to book a day.

  4. That’s it! You’re free to come out to fly whenever you want. The airfield is open every weekend, just turn up and help to set up! As this is a club everyone volunteers. It is expected everyone helps out on the ground, so when it’s your turn to fly everyone else will help you.

We recommend getting the 8am X5 bus from Gloucester Green Bus station. If you can only stay for half the day either get there in the morning (at the airfield for about 8:30), staying until after lunch (1pm) or get there before 1 and then stay at the airfield until sunset and pack-up.