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June 2019 - Varsity Result

Day 1 - As no soaring was on, we held a spot landing competition instead.

Day 2 - We finished the spot landing competition in the morning and despite the marginal conditions we managed to hold a soaring competition in the afternoon.

After some pretty sophisticated maths the results are as follows.

CUGC: 990.475

OUGC: 1009.524

It was a very close match, with CUGC wining the spot landing competition and OUGC the soaring competition. Well done, everyone!


June 2019 - Varsity Quad

The long-awaited Varsity Match against Cambridge is finally around the corner. We will be hosting a 3-day soaring competition at Bicester. Meet our Varsity quad!


May 2019 - Story

We are in the news with a fantastic article in The Oxford Student. Full story:


May 2019 - Sports Awards

Congratulations to Rowan and Tor for winning Contribution to Sports Award at Oxford University Sports Ball hosted by Oxford University Sports Federation.